• Soma Sofia

    Course Description

    This Course has been accredited from the most of Canadian Associations of Manual Osteopathy for 12 credits

    Ever wondered about how and why we move? What is the Anatomy of the Soul, and how it affects our daily activity, pain, thinking and feeling.


    SomaSofia comes from 2 words: Soma (body) and Sofia (wisdom).


    SomaSofia Therapy is applicable in the treatment of acute and chronic health issues, supportive of individual constitutions, life transitions, and speedy recovery from illness.


    The SomaSofia certification course promotes a deep understanding of the human being in health and illness from a traditional and a spiritual standpoint. Have you ever wondered…? • Why and how we move? - And I mean beyond biomechanics, muscles, and nerves. • What put those systems to work and what activates them? If so, come and join this unique 2-day course and approach to manual therapy. Somasofia Therapy will broaden your horizons in human body knowledge and wisdom. This course is the first of its kind. Learn the Emotional, Physical, Psychological and Spiritual aspects of the human body, how to restore harmony and stay in shape.



    Course Outline:

    Understanding how the hands work and how to provide suction and levity instead of pressure and gravity. Embryology. The 3-FOLD human being (Nerve-Sense, Rhythmic & Metabolic Systems). The organ systems. Polarities in health and illness. How the 3-FOLD forces (Etheric, Astral, I-Organization) mold our physical body and how to maintain a healthy correlation among them. Therapeutic forms for the spine, head, shoulders and legs. The use of the lemniscate, circular, and straight lines.