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    • Elias Abdel Ahad

      My name is Elias Abdel Ahad. I am an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner (D.O.M.P.) and a Rhythmical Massage Therapist and an Anthroposophist dedicated to the Spiritual Science of Healing, with over 20 years of experience as an international therapist and workshop facilitator.

      My thorough training in numerous healing modalities reflects my deep understanding of the psycho-somatic aspect of our body-Spirit-Mind connection and deep desire to help my clients orchestrate authentic healing and change in their lives

    • What I Offer.

      Manual Osteopathy

      Osteopathy is a safe and non-invasive manual therapy. Osteopathy identifies the structural issues that are inhibiting the body’s natural tendency of health and self-healing. This whole-body approach uses hands-on therapy techniques that balance the nervous system, circulatory and lymphatic systems, which also strengthens the musculoskeletal system. The initial focus is typically on the musculoskeletal system, including the muscles, bones and connective tissues, as the musculoskeletal system reflects what’s going on in all other body systems. Osteopathy identifies the structural issues that are inhibiting the body’s natural tendency of health and self-healing.


      Osteopathy helps the body heal by identifying the cause of the problem that brought you to seek treatment. Treatment is revised and adjusted to your needs and goals and aimed at improving the function of the whole body.


      Concerns treated by Manual Osteopathy are:

      • Arthritis
      • Foot, ankle, hip, and knee pain
      • Back pain, neck pain, and sciatica
      • Hand, shoulder, and elbow pain
      • Headaches
      • Tennis and golfer's elbow
      • Postural problems due to pregnancy, sports injury, driving or work strain, or digestive issues
      • Neuralgia
      • Concussion, whiplash
      • Muscle tension and aches


      Rhythmical Massage

      Rhythmical Massage is a gentle yet powerful technique that can deeply penetrate the body tissue. This form of massages releases stress and muscle tension while increasing vitality. It also helps to deepen and strengthen the breath, bringing balance to the body. Several massage techniques including stroking, kneading, and percussion, are used to treat muscles and connective tissues. The movements are rounded creating suction rather than pressure, allowing for the flow of fluids throughout the body which stimulates and lifts the tissues. A central principle of rhythmical massage therapy is supporting the body’s ability to create its own warmth, resulting in increased overall wellbeing.


      Rhythmical Massage Therapy is well suited for adults and children alike. Treatments are tailored to your needs and are particularly beneficial in the treatment of acute and chronic conditions.


      Concerns treated by Rhythmical Massage Therapy are:


      • Stress and anxiety
      • Sleep disorders
      • Headaches and migraines
      • Muscular tension, strain and injury
      • Back pain
      • Allergies
      • Cancer
      • Immune and auto-immune disorders
      • ADD and ADHD
      • Developmental disorders and disabilities
      • Psycho-somatic
      • Behavioral health disorders
      • Adrenal fatigue and failure to thrive,
      • Frail constitution
      • Eating disorders
      • Hormonal imbalances associated with menstruation and menopause
      • Degenerative disorders of the nervous system
      • Circulatory disorders such as hypertension and venous insufficiency
      • Respiratory conditions such as pneumonia, bronchitis, emphysema and asthma
      • Digestive disorders
      • Fertility
      • Anxiety
      • Depression


      Reiki is a traditional Japanese energy healing system that balances the body’s energy enabling natural healing. Reiki assists your whole being. It works on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels to heal imbalances and to enhance health and wellbeing.

      Reiki is based on the principle that unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is required for our existence. It is when our “life force energy” is depleted that we are more likely to get sick, experience physical pain and feel stressed. When that energy is high, then we are happy and healthy.


      Reiki is a no-touch approach. There is no pressure on the body, making the treatment ideal for clients of all ages and a wide range of conditions. Reiki is a relaxing and soothing experience.


      Years of research has shown Reiki to be effective in reducing:

      • stress
      • anxiety
      • depression

      Additional Services

      Functional Medicine:

      I am not a Medical Doctor, yet I can help your body find inner balance, with the right food/supplements if required.



      Liver and Kidney Detox:

      It is an ancient therapy that helps restore the functions of the Liver and the Kidneys, and help you have a better focus, less anxiety, better digestion, deal with phobias and panic, and many more psycho-somatics benefits. Therefore, I use planetary metals in a cream format which are homeopathic potencies, depending on the ailment. (Gold for courage, love, and acceptance, Copper for harmony, balance in life and depression, Iron for strength and Gall bladder...)


      Body Wrapping, or Mummification Technique:

      Choosing this therapy technique, a thin layer of the Solum Oil will be applied on your body according to the spiritual forces that build it, then your body will be wrapped in white cotton sheets, and you will be left there for 20 minutes. This technique helps you connect with your inner child, as it helps to build your spiritual bodies, and its a total rejuvenation on all level.

      The technique used is similar to how the ancient Egyptians used to mummify their Pharaohs so that they will have more power in the afterlife.


      Body scrubbing:

      We all know about scrubbing, but with this technique, it will help you get rid of the negative energies that are stuck on you, and help any entity that is attached to your body/aura. This is a very invigorating and liberating process, you will feel as a new person afterward, even your thoughts pattern will be changed.

      I follow what your body and soul need as you step into the clinic. We all hold different issues that are incorporated into our body, and we are all different every day, depending on our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

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